Blue Water Shootout

We left the Yacht Basin at 3 am, it was at least 8 am, hell, it might have been 9 am before we set any lines. Around 45-50 miles out we set out the high speed troll, because we still weren’t to the Ledge and all we could make at that time was about 12 knots. We picked up two Mahi on the high speed, which was a bit out of the ordinary. We finally set the ballyhoo and basically worked the 30-30 line, 160 feet out to 600+ feet. The Ledge was absolutely covered up with Barracuda. We landed and released more than a dozen through the day, maybe two dozen. We had four hooked up at once out of a six set spread. Gladly we had plenty of Ballyhoo for rigging. 220 feet seemed to be the trick and we boated seven or eight Mahi, mostly from 15-20 pounds, but one at 36 pounds. We knocked more than one off at boat side in the rough water and teetering gaff. One Wahoo hit on the plainer at 26 pounds. We had a Sailfish in the spread but he picked on one of the only two rigs without a Ballyhoo and didn’t hook up. The warmest water we found was 78.6 with no defined break. Scattered grass here and there. It was a rough and wet morning. Big Eric was not the only boat to turn around. All in all it was a good day.


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