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Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
I wanted to get a thread started in which people would post a picture or two and introduce themselves. In the long run I'm looking to create a network of divers for divers in different areas throughout Florida. You would be able to arrange group dives, ask questions for any area your headed, and have a point of contact for a given region. In the end you might make a few friends and have a new diver buddy or two.

Here we go.......................................I'm Gerry and have been diving since 95 when I was certified in Panama while in the Marines. I have become a Dive Master and haven't stop diving since. I dive mostly off Fort Pierce and Stuart but travel as often as I can to the Keys and Bahamas when work allows. My love for the ocean in now an addiction so living in South Florida is ideal. If your in the area let me know or if you need any info don't hesitate to ask.


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  • ChumbagChumbag Posts: 381 Officer
    I currently live in Oviedo, FL. My first PADI certification was in 1982. I spent three years of my 21 years at Kennedy Space Center as a Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Diver. Most diving I do now is collecting tropicals for my four marine aquariums or lobster diving in the Keys with my 15 year daughter, Heidi, and our friends from my Proline 23 Sport.

    I'm the goofy looking dude in the bottom right.
  • Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
    Chumbag wrote: »
    I currently live in Oviedo, FL. My first PADI certification was in 1982. I spent three years of my 21 years at Kennedy Space Center as a Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Diver. Most diving I do now is collecting tropicals for my four marine aquariums or lobster diving in the Keys with my 15 year daughter, Heidi, and our friends from my Proline 23 Sport.

    A solid Rocket Booster Recovery Diver? That is awesome. I thought wreck diving was fun but WOW! I also have a marine 200g reef that is now consuming my time. I love the fish but it's the corals that keep me coming back. I have a 23 Sea Fox CC that I dive from. Not the most dive friendly boat but it does the job with no issues.
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  • RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
    Great Pics!

    Well, uhm I was born in Okinawa Japan and came to America when I was a babe and moved down to Miami when I was a toddler. Been fishing since I was a babe and I have a lot of great memories fishing with my dad before my parents divorced. I learned how to swim the hard way by my dad throwing me in the deep end when I was a toddler but it was a good thing he did that because it took out the fear and over the many years I have rescued a lot of loved ones and friends from drowning or being swept by the current...

    I have been with my husband almost 20 years and we have a beautiful daughter who will soon be 18. Last summer, I talked my husband into trying freediving/spearfishing because we didn't have enough money to buy all the gear for tanks and getting certified so I told him lets try freediving and I researched what I could and we just have been taken it pace by pace. The first place we decided to try out was at Soldier Key in South Miami and Fowey Lighthouse and we were both able to shoot flounder and I fogot what other fish but we were pretty much hooked after that. So, its been a lil over a year now and we love the sport and we have improved our dives alot over the past year!

    My Mom recently told me after I started the sport that she too use to tank dive spearfish in Okinawa when she was 3 months pregnant with me and I beleive her because my Mom is spunky like that...


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  • Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
    Rootbeer, thanks for sharing your really cool story. It appears spearfishing is working for you guys....I love the pics. Keep them coming.
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  • 1DeadBait1DeadBait Posts: 106 Officer
    Great Idea, Gerry.

    I am 18 year's old, Ive spent my whole life in port saint lucie. Ever since I was 8 I have been avidly fishing with my dad (FishingBuddies). I just got certified in June and plan to start diving about as much as I fish.




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  • Capt_GerryCapt_Gerry Posts: 173 Officer
    I know there are more of you divers lurking around and watching from the shadows.:Popcorn

    Share your experience and post a few pics.
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  • caldnsikcaldnsik Posts: 95 Deckhand
    John here, 34 yr old guy originally from St Louis area. Moved to Leesburg about 11 years ago, and have been certified since '96 Dove a bunch years ago, and started getting back into it about 3 mos ago. Got into spearfishing. usually go out of Crystal River and usually have room for other divers if anyone is interested. I don't really have a cool story, but Im working on it!
    Im a father of 2, married to a great woman, and do Finance stuff when im not playing.
    My pic is my avatar.

    Stay wet!
    "Beer is not a matter of life or death, It is much more important than that!!!"
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,346 Officer
    I actually started snorkeling in water over my head (15 to 20 feet depths) before I learned how to actually swim in fresh water. I did not learn how to tread water or swim until i was 14 yo, and this was probably due to being raised by a single parent who had been given her last rites after "drowning" in a cold fresh water mountain lake when she just was a young teenager. Soon after my early snorkeling experieces, i set out to teach myself the techniques of "swimming" and drown proofing without the aid of a mask, snorkel or fins. This only took a few days watching my friends swim in a pool with my new mask and snorkel, then all I had to do was just emulate them. Soon I was free diving to 30 feet in Government Cut. One year later in 1961, at age 15, I bought a used Scuba outfit and started using in off the north tip of the Government Cut Jetty on South Beach. Since, I only had one Scuba outfit I started out diving solo, and to this day solo scuba diving is still one of my favorite experieces, but now days at age 65, I try to refrain myself from this type of diving for obvious reasons.

    Later in college I took a Scuba diving course in 1965, and received a "Shop Card" from the "Underwater Unlimited Dive Shop", that taught the college course. (This shop is still in business today). A few years later Underwater Unlimited upgraded my "shop card" to a NAUI card in 1971.

    Today i have taught swimming to a few difficult cases of non-swimmer teenagers, using basically the same methods I figured out for myself fifty years ago. I first teach them how to snorkel using a mask, fins and snorkel in shallow water (In a pool) where they can stand up if need be. I also place a horse collar safety vest on them that is partially inflated. Then after they start to loose their fear of the water and can relax, I start removing the equipment. First to go is the vest, then the fins. At this point they usually realize they can still float without the fins or vest. Then I explain how the weight of their head is what causes them to sink after the snorkel is removed and they have to lift their head out of the water to breathe. Then I teach them the techniques of drown proofing and finally treading water without any equipment. Then its time to swim and snorkel the shallow reef.

    Scuba Diving got me into underwater photography, and after four years overseas in the USAF working as a trouble shooter in electronics, I worked my way up to a chief of staff position in the Dade County Tourism Dept. where i was the only underwater still photographer out of a staff of six camera men. We produced brochures, posters, slide shows, and short films on every tourist related activity that took place in South Florida. Today I'm enjoying retirement after a 25 year career in the military and government.
  • waldnerrwaldnerr Posts: 1,025 Officer
    I'm a 61-year-old who made my first dive in a lake in Miami in the early 1960's, never having taken a course. A friend told me to "keep breathing" and just pushed me into the water. Buoyancy control? Never heard of it!!!

    I started diving earnestly around 1967, although I still hadn't received formal training. Then, in 1974, I went through a NAUI basic certification course in order to work on a university contract that involved conducting faunal surveys on an 11.3 mile long section of reef off Miami Beach prior to a beach restoration project. I was diving nearly every weekend back then and was awarded a YMCA Outstanding Safety Diver Award. I went to Puerto Rico to study coral reef fishes in graduate school, met Walt Hendrick - one of the world's outstanding divers - and the rest is history. I ended up as a research aquanaut on two eight-day saturation dives in the Hydrolab undersea habitat off St. Croix; received training in hyperbaric medicine and worked with two chambers as an operator and, later, supervisor; received a 250' depth rating (on air) from the University of Puerto Rico; was awarded Asst. Instructor ratings from NAUI, PADI, and CMAS; and have lots of good stories and photographs of underwater adventures throughout the Caribbean Basin.

    One of the highlights of my underwater career was being invited to give a talk on diving in Puerto Rico for the Boston Sea Rovers at Boston University in 1975; other speakers included Dave Doubilet, Al Giddings, Stan Waterman, Walt Hendrick, and Bob Ballard - an incredible line-up! I also discovered a new species of fish parasite off the Dominican Republic and gave it to Drs. Bert and Lucy Williams - noted marine parasitologists - to describe. They ended up naming the parasite - a cymothoid isopod - after me: Renocila waldneri. Nowadays I dive nitrox almost exclusively. It's actually been a while since I've strapped on a tank, but I still snorkel.
  • TuleTule Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    I live in Northern California. We are about as similar to Los Angeles as Gainesville is to Miami! We are country folks and our coast is mostly rocky and great diving once you get used to it. Our water is very cold and a full wetsuit with hood and gloves are a must. Our ocean is usually somewhat rough and any day with 20 feet of visibility is a stellar day as the vis is typically about 10 feet. Any less, and the spearfishing is out. Diving with a partner is a formality as every time you stop to shoot or look away, you lose sight of them and you spend all of your time going to the surface and back so most of my partners say to hell with it. We used to take 3 tanks each and dive under 50 feet and sometimes we wouldn't see eachother until the end of the dive. Not good, but what do you do?

    I too first learned to dive when I was in the Marine Corp in 1971 in the Phillipine Isles at the Navy Seals dive school there. We used the old double hose regulators and inflatable vests that you would blow air into for BC. We were advanced naui qualified by the Marines before the seals school. We would attend class and once we got out of the pool and over the harrassment dives, they wanted us to be comfortable and experienced so we made two dives a day for a couple months and all we did is hunt lobster! I won't tell you what we traded lobster for in town! That was 100 foot plus vis like you lucky folks and warm water. I went to Maui for a family reunion this year and dove there in similar conditions every day. Speared a few fish and had a great time.

    We dive for Abalone a lot out here. You aren't allowed to use tanks and can't have them in possession in a boat if getting abalone. I usually free dive about 15 to 30 feet for them but you can rock pick them at low tide. The are found from the low water mark to about 60 or so feet. We all love to spear fish so we usually free dive for that as well as you kill two birds with one stone. We take abalone guts in a plastic bag and chum at a depth on a ledge or rock pinnicle so that you can see the fish from the surface and then get back and dive to the bottom and slither through the kelp for the surprise attack. We get ling cod, kelp greenling, china cod, cabazon, black and blue rockfish, huge octopus once in a while (over 10 feet), catch crab and snag a few sea urchins for sushi in the campground. Anyway, I hope to get back out to your country some time and dive it before my 60 year old **** gets too old although now I still feel like a kid in the water. I will hunt a dive partner down here to show me the ropes. If you come out here, let me know and if you want to read an in depth article about our diving and spear fishing, I wrote a couple that are over 3000 words that really orient the new diver or the novice to the ins and outs of abalone diving and spear fishing here on our north coast. I won't take the time to rewrite them here but if you want to read them they are in the blogs sections of http://www.fishnfools.com. I want to try to get them published in a dive magazine as I think they are that quality. I am a writer, but my writing has been mostly about economics and world politics. I have a blog on the local paper's site for that purpose but getting published for my passion would be exciting to me.

    I also love to hunt ducks. My nephew is a guide in Oregon and we went up and slayed the ducks last weekend. Lot of work! The ponds were frozen over and we had to break ice for a place to hunt and if you killed a duck, you had to break the ice with your gun butt to get to it while wading in *** deep water of which up to your knees was mud! I am so sore I should be home in bed with a nurse!

    I have lived in Northern California in the Sacramento delta area most of my life, I graduated in Accounting from Chico State University, have been a real estate broker for 30 years, have 2 grown daughters that like dad's pocket and a wife of 30 some odd years, 4 dogs, 20 guns, untold fishing poles, one old trusty spear gun, 2 spear poles and I raise a lot of my own food including a hog once in a while!

    Good diving my friends and stay safe.

    Anyway, that is a little about me
  • eQuipMatteQuipMatt Posts: 267 Officer
    Hi All! My name is Matt. I've been certified for about 2 years now Waited till I was in my early 40's??? advanced open water as well as nitrox. Free dove prior. I love to fish, dive lobster and spearfish. We recently moved to Palm Beach Gardens. Work has consumed alot of my time but its time to get back out and hit the water. I've just recently picked up a 21' proline. If anyone is looking for a fishing or dive buddy in the area look me up.
  • esterospearoesterospearo Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I'm Rob and new to the board. I'm in Estero, near Naples and Fort Myers. I love to spearfish within 40 miles of Big Carlos Pass. I'm always looking for a fellow spearo to join in. Feel free to email me should you like to join me sometime.

    [email protected]

    Rob Cooper
  • NetDocNetDoc Posts: 48 Deckhand
    Hi, I'm Pete from the chilly waters of Key Largo where I teach Scuba and run ScubaBoard. I actually joined to learn more about fishing, but heck, it's hard to not talk about Scuba! :D

    My first dive was back in the summer of 1969 in Lake Underhill which was just outside of Orlando's city limits. Now it's smack in the middle. :D Times have changed and so has Scuba! No more J valves to worry about, and I love diving with a BC and gauges. I shoot an AB Biller 48 special that has as yet to miss it's mark! OK, OK it only has about 20 fish to its credit as I am new to Spearfishing, but I am still pretty happy about the fact that I have gotten every fish so far. :D

    Also, I am on the Boy Scout National Committee for Fishing and do a bit of Fly Fishing. I hope to share more about that later! Happy diving everyone! I just finished (sort of) a 22 ft boat which I hope to equip with a dive ladder in the not too distant future.

    My Girl Friend runs the Key Largo Dive Center. I get to do a lot of travelling as well as Scuba Diving. It keeps me busy.
    [email protected]
    (407) 509-0947
  • RandynflaRandynfla Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Im Randy was born and raised in CA, and have lived in Port St Lucie since 2003. I retired from the Marine Corps, and work at lowes now. I was certified in 1987 at Camp Pendleton CA, and became an instructor in 1990 while stationed in SC. I have had the good fortune to dive many places around the the world, and enjoyed it all.
  • CPD-1180CPD-1180 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I am a PADI certified diver and faily new to the Jacksonville area. I moved down here and joined the Revere Supply Co. team and work with Kini Bowers. Those of you who own boat and have shopped around for life rafts have curtainly heard of us; they are some of the best life rafts in the industry.

    I am looking for people to dive with and to get to know the best area's to dive around here. I don't have a boat but will gladly chip in (gas, etc.) to tag along with anyone going out to dive. My e-mail address is, [email protected]

    This seems like a great site (especially for people new to the area) and I look forward to meeting new people. Lets go diving!!
  • kmatth4kmatth4 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    my name is ken, 42yo, been looking for a dive buddy for a while, tried spearfishing planet and spearboard and got no responses so i figured id try this...
    i have my own boat and equipment, been certified since 1992, and would like to find someone local to me to spearfish with.
    im married and live in summerfield, just south of ocala and usually go out of crystal river but would mind trying somewhere else. thanks ken
  • captrandycaptrandy Posts: 312 Deckhand
    My name is Randy. I hate fish. I dive out of Port Canaveral where 15ft is called 'great vis'. I try to get out once or twice per week, and am going on 2 1/2 weeks out right now. Getting a little sketchy....Hope i can keep it together for a couple days...Going Friday. Watch out fish!
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  • diverritediverrite Posts: 167 Deckhand
    Hey, I'm Belton and been diving since 1990 prior to that I raced motorcycle all of the US. I live in the Bham , AL area and trailer my boat to the panhandle. I've dove the Bahamas, Key West and want to go to Venice, FL for some shark tooth fun.

    Drop me a line some times,

    Sea ya,
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Diverrite aboard "Step Into Liquid"
  • Feet1stShoesFeet1stShoes Posts: 158 Deckhand
    Hello everyone! I live in Jacksonville, Florida and took a PADI OW course while staying at the Four Seasons resort in Maui. It was kind of a con, "free scuba lesson" in the pool, followed by an offer of a $100 guided dive off the beach, followed by an offer of OW certification for another $400. I realized then that was expensive, but I had the time and figured what better place to learn to dive than Hawaii. That was in 1995. I dove extensivesly for about 5 years, Keys, Florida Springs and the Bahamas. But then I made the mistake of diving with a head cold while in south Florida. I tried to clear my ears forcefully and blew out my left middle ear. After the appropriate healing time I tried diving but was no longer able to comfortably clear that left ear. I even wasted a trip to Cayman Brac for my son's 16th birthday. We made one dive and that was the end of it. I hung up the fins and sold all my gear. Then about two and a half years ago I started dating after becoming newly single and my girlfriend and I took numerous trips to the Keys. She fell in love with snorkeling and wanted to try learning to dive. I did a bunch of research about ear clearing and found a special mask called the Proear 2000. It has silicone ear cups attached to the strap and tubes with one way valves from the mask to the ear cups. As soon as you start to feel ear squeeze you gently exhale into the mask and it pressurizes the ear cups. It worked like a champ. I'm back in the water, have invested in all new dive gear and have done many dives in the Keys, Mexico and Roatan. Just got done outfitting a Proline 221 walkaround for diving and looking forward to a trip to Key Large in the next few months. I've also taken up underwater photography and videography to document our trips. I've never been diving off Jacksonville but I'm told that given good conditions it's a blast. Going to give it a try this summer. My girlfriend is now my wife and we're looking forward to many diving adventures in the years to come.

    Here's a video from our honeymoon:

  • mjrudd1mjrudd1 Posts: 278 Deckhand
    I'm Mike, 52 yrs old & living in the mountains of Honduras now. I used to own a fence company but have a helping Deaf kids as a missionary since 2001. I've also lived in Jamaica and was blessed to spend lots of time in water all around the island (2002-2005, they have severely overfished everything). I had a stroke in 2000 but have recovered for the most part. My neurologist said he didn't recommend diving to anyone no matter their health, but the prior stroke would not increase my risks above anybody else's, so I'm free to keep at it. I've always been certifiable, but got certified in a lake in north Texas in 1998. Made about 70 dives so far. Made dives in the Keys, Roatan, Utila, north coast of Honduras, Cozumel, Ambergis Cay, Flower Gardens off the TX coast, etc. Got all the extra certifications for Nitrox, etc. Do mostly snorkeling / free diving and prefer that - I can stay in the water for 2-4 hours at a stretch that way and explore further. Not easy to get tanks or dive buddies most places I go. My wife does not know how to swim (or want to), but that is ok because there is always someone to watch my stuff while I'm in the water. I love the spearfishing. Looking forward to a week in the Keys next month, celebrating 30 years of marriage. I plan to do lots fishing for tarpon plus some free diving / spearfishing from my kayak.
  • BayCountyFshBayCountyFsh Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Hello fellas I am a fishermen fresh salt and spear I wanted to introduce myself I live in Bay county near all of the springs Morrison and Pitt the Ecofina if anyone here needs a dive partner I do too. I would love to meet someone to dive with for rec. or to fish. My boat was stolen while I was in Iraq so I'm a foot fishermen. So if your in my area send me a pm. I'm Joe
  • FinCityFinCity Posts: 145 Deckhand
    Hi All,
    I have been certified since 1987 and recently two years ago received my advanced. Unfortunately I haven't dove as much through out my 1987 certification. I'm looking to change that this year. I've been on the water fishing hunting since a child. I have all my own gear and boat. I want to dive for the sheer enjoyment and to fill the freezer as well. Looking forward to meeting and dive with people of the same interest. Most of my fishing buds are not divers which makes it hard to go when you need experience people top side (bubble watcher) and bottom side as well. I grew up in Vero Beach and I have been living in Central Florida since 1986.
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  • myersmyers Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Hello everyone! I'm Myers, 27yrs old, diving since 2001, AOW, nitrox, etc. Just moved to St. Pete and looking to make some spearfishing friends in the area. I have a Shamrock CC that I am about 2 months from having completely restored. The boat routinely takes me out 20-40 miles out of pass-a-grille depending on conditions. Looking for some buddies to go out with in the meantime that can also come out on my boat a little later in the season.

    If anyone has an extra spot over or is interested is diving with me once I get my boat back in the water please contact me at 727-423-5562, myersvanfossen (at) gmail.com, or PM me here. I always pull my weight whether it be rigging lines, tying knots, shooting the most fish, or washing the boat after!
  • MMA4FloridaMMA4Florida Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Phil Cardella. I live in North Vilano, fish from Matanzas to Guana typically. Head off shore & spear fish also.
  • AlfredomAlfredom Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Alfredo, I am from Cozumel Mexico and I have been living here 20 years. I also practice all the sports available in the island. I constantly do fly fishing, offshore fishing (trolling), sword fishing, scuba diving, free diving, spearfishing, windsurf, etcetera. I also like to do fishing excursions in other places all around the Yucatan Peninsula and also other countries. If anyone comes down here to the Yucatan Peninsula I will be very glad to help anyone. Also if anyone is going to cozumel you can visit my website or subscribe to my blog to have constant pictures of the fishing. www.PescaCozumel.com Here I send you some of my pictures.




  • SWspearheadSWspearhead Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    Hi there Rootbeer,
    I just started this public group and thought you might be interested. I also freedive spearfish and want to find others to share their experiences. I hope you can share and might let others know of the group.
  • SpinyMikeSpinyMike Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    The Miami Spiny Lobster Tournament mini season 2017 is in its 8th year… join today and reserve your chance to win your part of the $5000 cash & prizes.. There many ways to win from the Lobster tournament .. first through four place, closest to #2 and the smallest legal lobster, 3 man bugging bandits (team Challenge), The Miami Mini Season Slam.. combined weigh LionFish HogFish & Losbter wins.. Photo contest (judged at the weigh-in party by guest.. so bring your friends) & JR. division 16 and under.. and FREE CRUSTY COMMUNITY (we set one of the big boys free) we pay extra money to divers to bring in there lobster alive) Weigh-in party is Saturday July 29th @5pm… Located at SUNSET TAVERN / DELI LANE CAFÉ 7230 sw 59th ave. south Miami Florida .. 305-665-0606 .. There will be food & drink specials, live music, raffles, tournament stuff for sale (Hats, Shirts & Koozies) and lots of fun. COME SEE THE BIGGEST BUGS IN TOWN
  • MikelleenMikelleen Posts: 82 Deckhand
    Howdy! My name is Mike and I am moving to Cape Coral, from Utah. I am an AOW, nitro certified diver.

    Looking for some dive and fish buds, as well as suggestions on dive and fish locations and activities.

    Nice to meet you all!

  • IS IT SLOTIS IT SLOT Posts: 204 Deckhand

    timo here diving since 88
    wpb local
    moving back home residing in finland atm

  • grey2112grey2112 Posts: 239 Deckhand
    Eric here - captain of the Pickled Pelican.  You can follow me on Youtube, The Hull Truth, and on Spearboard (grey2112 is my handle).  Been spearfishing (tanks) for about 8 years now, have a well-designed 25 foot WA boat set up for diving.  Try to get out at least 2-3 times a month during the warmer months off New Port Richey, and pretty much do nothing but spear fish.  I avoid the artificial reefs and concentrate mostly on natural ledge bottom.  I honestly believe we have THE BEST area in the US for spearfishing.  I've discovered some amazing spots, loaded with fish and life.  Always looking to share numbers, experiences, and if I have room taking out others on my boat.  I've even had some international divers with me (ironically, from Finland, where I have some ancestry!)
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