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Anyone fly fish?

Used to fly fish for smallmouth bass back in the mountains of appalachia, and I have been wanting to get a new fly rig for bass here on the treasure coast. Does anyone fly fish for bass and if so what set up do you have?



  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 850 Officer
    I would go with a 9wt it will cover most anything you would want to fish for on the treasure coast. From bass to tarpon. A midnight minnow fly will also catch it all around here.
  • BookwormBookworm Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    I use a Sage largemouth rod for slinging large poppers. This rod generally comes with a reel and heavy floating line specifically designed for this purpose. I've also caught small tarpon and snook on it. For streamers and tiny poppers I use a 7 weight with a sink tip line. The sink tip pulls small poppers below the surface after a few seconds. Then the buoyancy of the popper causes it to rise a bit in the water column. It's a killer for Mayans and bluegill. Also have caught some nice bass with it as well.
  • Guitarshredder1Guitarshredder1 Posts: 354 Officer
    I agree with greenie, either an 8 or 9 weight, 9 if you want to go saltwater. I use poppers and some worm imitations with great success. For bass, I have found if you put anything in their face for long enough, they will bite it. They don't make my setup anymore (I feel so great being par of that 'club'), but I have my eye on the TFO TiCr X series.
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  • ER Doc 7ER Doc 7 Posts: 153 Officer
    Thanks guys. I am avid at best, but I am hoping to pick it back up. Sounds like around 8 wt will be varied enough.
  • LargeMouthBassAnglerLargeMouthBassAngler Posts: 136 Officer
    In my opinion the most versatile fly weight is an 8wt. for bass, snook, redfish, tarpon and seatrout.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,318 Moderator
    In my opinion the most versatile fly weight is an 8wt. for bass, snook, redfish, tarpon and seatrout.

    This ^ and if saltwater is to come into play get as good an outfit as you can afford. You may need that drag.
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  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,918 Admin
    In my opinion the most versatile fly weight is an 8wt. for bass, snook, redfish, tarpon and seatrout.

    I also agree that the 8wt is the best all around size for both fresh and salt water combination.
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  • BackyardAnglerBackyardAngler Posts: 356 Deckhand
    I like to mess around in the back yard with that $%# &^@!! fairy wand sometimes. I first bought a Lefty Krey Pro 7 weight that is a lot better than I will ever be. Put an expensive reel on it for no reason. Since I am hard on stuff, I didn't use it much due to the reoccurring thoughts of snapping it over my knee due to extreme frustration. Then I went to a place that I dare not mention here, it rhymes with "grass blow shop" and there they had a White River ready to fish out of the box 5 wt for the very low price of $99.00. Honestly, I can't tell the difference. It throws a lot like that super whizbang rig I don't take out of the house. I've hauled in a few 5 pounders which is just a blast. Love those top water gurglers. I just don't think you have to drop 6 bills on a fly rig for bass. I think the 7 weight is too much for just bass as well. But thats just me.
  • acesoveracesover Posts: 552 Officer
    I fish freshwater with the fly rod, I use 4,5,and 6wt rods and have no problems casting small deer hair bugs and poppers. If you are looking for an outfit to do "double duty" as in using it in both fresh and saltwater, the 8wt should be fine. I also use an 8ft 8wt Scott rod with an AirFlo Bass line for throwing the bigger poppers and hair bugs. Really easy to cast.
    And Backyard, no reason for not mentioning Bass Pro Shop, shoot, I work in the Fly shop in one. LOL
  • ER Doc 7ER Doc 7 Posts: 153 Officer
    I bought a brand new cabelas 5 wt for 25 bucks at a yard sale. Figured it would at least be a start and if I enjoy it I will move to saltwater and 8 weight.

    Thanks everyone. Hoping to get a few peacocks on it.
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 10,431 AG
    Today's 6-weights perform like 8-wts from 15 years ago.
    I usually use a 6wt TCRX and and used to use an older custom 4wt (before I broke it).
    The 6wt handles anything I want to throw. I'd like to find a shorter version, maybe
    around 7 feet to work with in creeks/river areas.
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