It's Raining Red Fish - Southshore Yakking

Started early and hit the water before sunrise and immediately hooked into ladyfish, jacks and a small 19" red within the first 45 minutes. Weather held steady for another hour before the thunder storms started.

Managed to land a small snook and a 24" keeper red before having to take cover from the lightning for a couple of hours. After the storms faded high tide approached and I began working the mangroves with the LIVETARGET scaled sardine.

Hooked into and landed 2 more 24" red fish a little after 12:00PM. Worked a pass and landed a keeper 18" trout on the LT sardine. I had a lot more follows and misses on the sardine including a red fish that came all the way up to my yak.

The bite died when the tide went slack so I left the flat and headed back. Worked some moving water and landed more small trout and jacks and a surprise catch, a 17" black drum on a Rapala.

Overall my best day of the year for quality and quantity of fish. The LT sardine proved to be my most effective bait and the trolled gold Rapala landed a lot of nice fish and another black drum.



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