SMIS multi-purpose gauge

anybody in cape coral willing to help me set this this gauge up. i'm stuck on stupid or their is something wrong with it. boat is on a lift in my back yard

not asking for free help. what happened to real gauges,

it a 20' center console with a 2011 Suzuki 150 4 stroke

pm or cell is 703-407-0319


  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,665 Moderator
    Is your gauge the same or similar to ETEC multi function?
  • Capt. John DeeringCapt. John Deering Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    hi larrywitt.

    I don't know anything about the etec gauges. the smis i'm using is on a 2011 150 Suzuki. I believe the smis components were made by lowrance

    my issues/questions are:

    I went to the "bus" menu and determined I only have two devices.....the fuel device and the engine intric.

    I topped off the tank before putting it on the lift so I know its full, however it only reads about 1/2. I checked the tankl set up menu and found the guy who had the boat before me set the tank to 10 gallons less than its capacity. so the gauge should be reading even higher. capacity is 76 gals I think he set it to the mid 60's

    can't get MPH to work.

    none of the sonar pages work. maybe I need another bus, however the tranducer is shoot thru

    I miss my analog gauges and being able to scan everything quickly.

    well that kinda highlights some of the issues i'm having.


    john d

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  • Luna SeaLuna Sea Posts: 562 Officer
    To get the sonar , speed or gps the gauge must be hooked to the gps through NEMA 2000 connections. The 150 does not have the digital link for speed . On some set ups , I have seen where the fuel gauge on the tank has to be calibrated to the gauge . I myself have a hard time setting them up , our techs set up the gauges for me . If you do not have a owners manual for the gauge , I have one you can have .
  • Capt. John DeeringCapt. John Deering Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    thanks luna sea. do you work in a Suzuki shop, do you know a tech that's good with smis? thanks
  • Luna SeaLuna Sea Posts: 562 Officer
    Yes sir , the Boat Place in Fort Myers . Give our service manger Troy a call 239-415-6400
  • Capt. John DeeringCapt. John Deering Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    thanks luna, I did talk to shop foreman. quick question, once you hook a gps into the backbone how do you get the info to appear on your gps. special menu/page??
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