Shired Island 4-26 Trout, Reds, and Drum

Hit Shired Island park late friday night, got the tent set up, and held on tight. Was pushing solid 20mph winds off the gulf. I was starting to rethink about this weather as for what was predicted was much less. Luckily though in the AM the winds had died down and it was a nice day. We hit the ramp around 9am with Jim311, Adam and Sean. Worked some of the islands right off the bat and nailed some nice 19-21" trout on topwater. Fished there until the action died, then headed up towards a creek to work our way onto some reds. Adam and Sean started nailing overslot trout, and I mean monsters from one bank, and me and the family headed further in for something a little Red'er. Fished a few banks, and got a couple missed hits. Then came around the corner and almost ran onto a huge oyster bar that was sitting under still water. We anchored out and decided to try that spot. No more than 2 casts in I see a Tail out of the water. I started throwing my topwater at it, but no luck, and a few minutes later , the tail pops up again. My wife casts a shrimp to it, and off to the races. She nails a nice 35"+ drum. about 10-15 minutes of fighting and we had it boatside. I reached down to get the lippers on it and it turned and broke line right at the boat. :( We fished around there with Adam and Sean for a while longer, they boated some overslot reds, and we each got some underslot reds, but nothing in the Magic range. I tried a Few more spots and hooked up on another big drum, this one we boated after about a good 10 minute fight. Ended up coming back in with 4 trout all 19"- 20"ish and a kind stranger at the dock hooked us up with a free slot redfish. Fried up the redfish and we are finishing the trout tonight. All in all a great day on the water, and a fun family trip.
Stats: Water temp was mid 70s to a whopping 78 in the back river, winds up to around 8-9mph and heavy overcast in am, clear skys by lunch. Big bites for us were around 10am and 2pm. Reds were caught on Shrimp or redfish magics(paddletails), and Trout on shrimp/Topwater(Yellow Skitters) Hope that helps anyone else that finds it hard as me to catch stuff some days.

Pics or it didnt happen, and Obligatory cooler shot.


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