S. Mosquito Lagoon 4.24 Early Bite.

Got my like new Hobie Outback on ice as I took my son in our Coleman canoe to find some reds. Put in just before 7. (There's enough light to prolly be on the water at 6 now.) The plastic navy was already out in full force. Guess I'm not the only one who watches the weather reports looking for calm wind.

The short distance from the ramp to the fish, while I'm preoccupied getting everything rigged, my son remarks; "Dad, look at that sunrise." "That's right son. Fish aren't the only reason I come out here." I'm glad he appreciates stuff like that.

The fish were in full feeding mode, scattered in ones and twos. Didn't take long for my son to hook up after a cast to a wake. Thought it was a small red but turned out to be an opportunistic catfish. (Chuckle.) Not too much longer after that he's hooked up again with a red that can't make up it's mind if it wants to fight or not. Coaching my boy to keep the line tight and the rod tip up, and not to reel against the drag. He's doing pretty good and I can finally leader the fish. Grabbing it and pulling it out of the water explains its behavior; it's a li'l ugly. Nice lower 20 something.

The no-see-ums are merciless, so we opt to move to open water, and run over a bunch of fish along the way. "No problem, son. We'll get these guys as soon as we set up this drift." It's worth noting that the water was about 8" higher than usual. Start the drift and NOTHING. Not seeing anything. Long drift with nothing to show. At least the flies aren't bad out here.

We retrace our steps and see another yakker hooked up with what looks like a nice trout so someone's on some action. A lot of mullet pushed up against the lee shore but can't pull anything out of them.

Everything had pretty much died by 9. Dorked around a bit to no avail and back on the road before noon.

"Lift that rod and tighten the line."

"That's better."

Proud fella.
greggl wrote: »
Strive for self-sacrificial levels of empathy and sympathy. We are only set free by becoming the scapegoat, or sin eater', rather than picking a target and 'throwing stones.'
nuevowavo wrote:
Think you're pretty clever? Think again. Time for a break.


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