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Aperture vs Photoshop Elements 9 editor

CHEEZ-ITCHEEZ-IT Posts: 26 Greenhorn
Wow, how the forum has changed since the last time I ventured to it. I just recently bought a Mac Book Pro, and am looking to install a photo editing software. I'm currently looking at Aperture and Photoshop Elements 9. Any input on these?
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  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    You should use the search function at the software forum at www.dpreview.com

    This question is well covered there.
  • BottomScratcherBottomScratcher St. AugustinePosts: 48 Greenhorn
    I'd like to suggest Serif Photo PlusX4 if you want a much more robust photo editor. It's Photoshop under a different name. I bought it at Target for around $60 and was astounded to see the familiar Photoshop screen. If you're looking for a simple program this isn't the one. Good luck!
  • electrodogelectrodog Posts: 151 Deckhand
    I have and use Aperture. I have played with Photoshop elements but I think a better "comparison" would be Aperture vs. Adobe Lightroom. I have used both and while I think Lightroom is a fantastic product, Aperture is an Apple product and basically functions as a Mac user would expect. My only complaint is Aperture "feels" processor intensive and takes longer to process raw files. For comparison sake, I use a Mac pro quad core with 12G of ram.
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