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wtb 189 or 167 egret

austinhaustinh Posts: 68 Deckhand
looking to by an 18 or 16 egret. just missed a nice 167 on boattrader. I have heard that frank sells a few used ones at the factory have tried to reach him but no answer. If anyone has one or are good friends with frank at the factory and know of any there please let me know the details. Thanks so much!

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167 Egret Carbon/Kevlar


  • flchacondflchacond Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    there is a CK 167 down in the lower keys for sale. you can find it on craigslist. I looked at it but ended getting a 189 as I wanted something larger. It is a nice boat and the guy selling it seems like a standup individual. probably too far for you but a lead nonetheless
  • austinhaustinh Posts: 68 Deckhand
    thanks. I am actullay looking to buy tommarow
    167 Egret Carbon/Kevlar
  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 1,086 Officer
    austinh wrote: »
    thanks. I am actullay looking to buy tommarow

    Well did you buy the trashy boat or what?
  • austinhaustinh Posts: 68 Deckhand
    Bought the 167 1998. I am in love i had an 18 maverick about 4 years ago and thought it was the best boat out.. but now i get why everyone is never going to leave there egrets. It needs some work, we got the boat wensday after noon and spent thursday and a little bit of friday wet sanding compounding and buffing. we ordered a new cushion led coursty lights a new pannel and more! friday night i took my parents to billys boat house for a nice dinner! Saturday me my dad and another one of my friends ran up north and my dad pulled us around for a while, just getting comfortable with this inshore game. Nothing big with little trout and a few small redfish! Sunday we ran up to ft.George for a little and then that after noon me and my buddy went out and tried to get a redfish on a fly, one small redfish and just getting to learn these things. Were located in jacksonville. If anyone would like to give me some help on the inshore game or any advice feel free!
    167 Egret Carbon/Kevlar
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
    Congrats and glad to see you in the family. It's great to see young anglers experience such a great boat they can learn on and grow into over time.I'm sure as you use it you'll understand more and more what a gem you have!
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