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Yamaha f-115 nmea 2000?

I recently got a pathfinder with a 2002 Yamaha f115, the boat came with a lowrance x515c df unit. My questions are is this motor able to have fuel flow and all those other do dads that come with nmea2000? I read in the owners manual it is nmea 2000 capable but just trying to find out if this unit with the f115 will connect up and what do I need.


  • coachgun1coachgun1 Posts: 307 Deckhand
    I think you have to start with a nema piggy back installation. Not too expensive and easy to find.
    Tony @ Boattronics installed one in my boat for my Garmin. You can hook up a number of things
    after the basic system is done. Tony can probably tell you much more about your capabilities.
    It is a nice addition.
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