Terra Ceia - 3-29 - 29" Big Red Personal Best

Started out early and began working a new area near low tide. Whole place looked real fishy but the first couple of hours produced nothing until I found good water depth near some docks. Bait and bigger fish showed on my Lowrance and I finally hooked a small snook and trout. The fish finder showed a good edge right up to the mangroves. I trolled the edges and my rod with a diving Rapala hooked into a small red and multiple small trout. The wind picked up and made casting treble hooked lures difficult so I switched to drifting DOA shrimp and working a paddle tail. The DOA shrimp worked well and fooled another small snook and multiple trout. The paddle tail took multiple hits from small trout.

As the high tide peaked and maximum solunar activity approached the paddletail hooked into something large just before noon. Every attempt to bring the fish toward the yak resulted in a good drag screaming run. As I tried to bring the fish to the surface for a look it managed to stay down. At one point I was certain it was a large ray until I finally got a glimpse of a coppery flash and knew it was very large. Never had a red fought so long and hard, when I finally netted her she measured 29" a new personal best.



  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,054 AG
    Niiiiiiccccceeeee. :applause

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  • Moken10Moken10 Posts: 292 Deckhand
    Well done sir
  • SlamaholicSlamaholic Posts: 389 Officer
    Good job
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