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Need an Evinrude Mechanic Recommendation

I mainly post in the NW section (located in Tallahassee) but I've got a good friend in the Jax/Jax Beach area who is need of a reputable Evinrude shop. He has an issue with his E-Tech and can't seem to find a decent mechanic on his own; or I should say, one that he can trust. I told him I would reach out to the forum and see what you all say. FS has always been my first stop for solid referrals. Maybe it will get him to finally start putting up reports...cough cough (since he's following this thread now.)

Anyway...please let me know who you call recommend. He started throwing a check engine light on his last trip and described it as it sounding like his prop hub was spinning. The engine would rev up real high and then it would start to sputter with a very rhythmic cadence. If he shuts it off and then turns it back on, the engine will run fine for a few minutes and then the issue will happen again. If I had to guess, I would say that the engine is shutting down one of its cylinders to prevent damage, but I know very little about e-tech's. I do know however, that they will throw a code to a computer, which is what I suggested he has done first.

Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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