Weeki Wachee, FL what to do there?

Headed to a friends place on the river, what should we bring, family weekend.
Is there wade fishing and where and what?
Hiking? Where?
Beaches and play grounds?
Is it worth bringing the bikes?

Thanks for any info in advance! Tomm
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  • SuperJoxSuperJox Posts: 248 Deckhand
    Where on the river? I've only really fished the more brackish water parts. There might be parts where you can wade depending on the river. There are bike trails near the river I think. There's not really "beaches" here persay but there is Roger's park where you can swim. You can either paddle or swim up to Hospital Hole there. There's manatees that hang there and some fish including some unusual ones from what I heard sometimes. In the winter there was a BUNCH of snapper in the river, I don't know if they're still there now and there are some jack crevalles too, also saw some MONSTER snook but they're too smart.
  • brokenskegbrokenskeg Posts: 37 Greenhorn
    You will have a great time! If you want a beach , there is Rogers Park which has a playground . Or you can drive around to Pine Island if you want another beach (3 miles). Not really any places to wade fish , but there is a fishing pier over at Bayport (3 miles) , and a pier at Jenkins Creek just down the road (1mile). Dixie Lee will be your closest bait shop.

    Hiking and Biking can be done on the trail in Hernando Beach (2 miles) , it is a hiking/biking trail through the old rock mines. Plenty of wildlife to see.

    I would recommend renting a canoe/kayak and paddle the Weeki Wachee River all the way from the head spring down to the bridge. Its really beautiful and relaxing.
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