Sharks and Snapps

Took a trip out to 60 feet with a livewell stuffed with live shrimp plus some frozen dines and shrimp.The bite was on right away for mangos with a few other tasty fish coming over the rail.Best mang bite this year for me but most were around 15",but quantity made up for quality.The two biggest snapper of the day got eaten bye sharks just under the boat.



  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    Those sharks looked big.
  • michimichi Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Nice pics and video! If your lookin for some company next Wed/Thursday,let me know...we'll pay for gas and bait!!
  • releasegearreleasegear Posts: 687 Officer
    nice job and video as usual! New boat is almost ready cant wait to get back out

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  • SlamaholicSlamaholic Posts: 389 Officer
    Always awesome reports!
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  • LilcthefishslayerLilcthefishslayer Posts: 610 Officer
    Front page! Nice rich!
  • Baja280Baja280 Posts: 440 Deckhand
    nice catching as always!!!!!! we had a heck of a time with the taxmen last weekend as well. we were in 120ft though, large schools of large sharks out there lately!
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