Miami Back Country Peacock Bass Report 03/26/14

The south Florida Peacock bass bite is still hot despite the cooler temps this time of year brings. We're having days when you can;t keep the bait away from them sometimes. Another good sign is bigger fish are being caught on a regular basis again. The cold snaps we had a few years ago really did a number on the Peacock bass populations in the shallower areas of our systems, and their really having a big come back now.

On the other hand the Lg. Mouth bass bite is really going off right now! The water levels are at their lowest points of the year and the fish are concentrated in the deeper canals. Easy pickings for the adventurous angler that makes the trip deep into the Everglades. One hundred fish days are very common if you throw the right combination of baits, and hit them at the right time. Big Blue Gills are also very numerous out there too. Basically hitting the same lures tossed for the bass we're targeting.

On a recent Peacock Bass trip this week. I had the pleasure to take a father and son team out for a day of chasing these beautiful, and ferocious gamefish. Steve and his dad came down from Ohio and wanted to scratch Peacock Bass off their bucket list's. Being that the Peacock bass is one of, if not the hardest fighting fresh water fish. It's always great seeing the looks of amazement of someone when they hook into their first Peacock bass. They always make comments like " Wow they really fight hard! , or "They fight like much bigger fish".I just consider myself lucky to be there to see it on their faces.Anyways they both got their first Peacock bass and Dad also got his first Tarpon too!! Now that's a big bonus!!

I took some pics for memories and for you to check out. Thank you once again for taking the time to read our reports.

Glades Bass fishing.




Miami Peacock Bass fishing.




Capt. Tony


  • BackyardAnglerBackyardAngler Posts: 356 Deckhand
    Well that was worth turning the computer on for. Thanks. Good motivation.
  • Captain Shane ProcellCaptain Shane Procell Posts: 371 Officer
    Great Tarpon!
  • PeacockFeverPeacockFever Posts: 227 Officer
    nice little ****!! I'm itching to get out there again for peas soon
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  • TimbaTimba Posts: 225 Officer
    Great Post Capt.!!! What did that tarpon hit on? Also can you PM me your rates I am on the fence on whether to get a gheenho and would like to see how they fish
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,702 Moderator
    Now that looks fun.
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  • USNavy_AnglerUSNavy_Angler Posts: 473 Officer
    Awesome. Just awesome.
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  • COBRACOBRA Posts: 248 Deckhand
    Timba wrote: »
    Great Post Capt.!!! What did that tarpon hit on? Also can you PM me your rates I am on the fence on whether to get a gheenho and would like to see how they fish

    PM sent
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