Three day weekend. Fished both coast

Headed over to Ormond Beach on Friday to chase schools around. Put in around 9 and found the first school around 9:10. We both double up. We ease around the corner and 15 minutes later we find another school and double up again. 30 minutes in and we are limited out. Left theses fish for paying customers and hit some docks to no avail. off the water by 11. I drove 4 hours to fish for 2 lol. Saturday I loaded up the kids and headed west. Put in at horseshoe around 11 just because I did not know how bad the water got after all the rain last week. If it was bad At the ramp I was going north. Water looked good so headed down to the bank that has held all the overslots but as soon as I came around the point into horseshoe bay the water turned. Well I ran down any way just to see. Nope they left. Ran back into some creeks and hit a few holes and managed to catch 2 upper slot fish and a few rats but that was it. Put the boat on the trailer (just missed Jim apparently) and headed over to Suwannee. Had Salt Creek Café cook up our fish and crashed at the pad. Got up Sunday morning thinking putting in at suwannee was a bad idea so trailered back to horseshoe but headed up north this time. Started off out on the flats looking for trout. Started catching 14 to 15 inchers and quickly got bored so headed up to a bank. With no wind, and I mean none took about 5 minutes for the sand nats to find us and put us back out in the small trout. around 11 I figured the nats were done so headed up into a creek mouth and started catching small trout again. I then ease up into one of the small finger creeks that run into the creek and find about 20 upper slot reds milling around in some rocks. All three of us cast in. Josh and I double up and Jacob hooks a rock. Felt bad for him. But being the trooper he is he broke off and netted our fish. I then jump up on the poling platform and start poling the boys around this big mud flat that has some scattered fish on it to see if we could sight fish some. We see a few and miss a few, then I see one headed down the bank and tell josh to cast a 11 o'clock and he nails the cast and the red jumps on the fluke. Another nice upper slot fish joins the party. I then keep poling and we keep seeing fish but most are unwilling to play. Did get a few more to play but man the fish seem to be lock jawed as of late. Saw plenty poling but only got about 2% to eat. Managed a limit of reds and all 6 were over 24 inches so made for a nice box. I avoided the circus of trout fisherman most of the day but apparently they are catching them by the shear numbers of boats out there.

East coast double

West coast double

I almost do not have to come down from the poling platform anymore


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