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Jax 3/23 Last bug run of the season....

Capt. SeaHunt202, TBcullen, myself, and a couple other buddy's headed east. Stopped at 30mile after hearing a report of 4-6ft seas at Elton. Game plan was bugs but decided to do a dive inside as we waited the day out. Dropped down, 20ft vis low 60s with grouper everywhere. Not much else going on except teasin. Fished till 1030, limited on Beeliners and decided to keep going east. Dropped on a producing spot. 40ft vis high 60s. I went left, Cullen went right. I came to the end of the ledge and it was a ghost town. Little pissed off, swam back to find Cullen neck deep under a ledge with a loaded lobster bag. One of his bugs went 10lbs. Managed to get close to my limit in the 1500lb I had left. Moved to a second spot and could not find one bug. Bottom was great, just no bugs..Great day overall. Glad Tim was on the boat! C98F3CD8-3D3E-4092-992C-4FE6BB6B0669_zps6zwqvexg.jpg2A466B23-5BC6-4A72-83B3-231F45855C0C_zpsomsftj18.jpg99A51C9E-D310-474F-90B8-C71ADCEECA77_zpsv1wl7tqt.jpg25671104-A82D-4BCB-81E8-DD88AC05384D_zpsbiqurrmt.jpg


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