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What Is The Best Tide To Catch Sand Fleas?

BridgeRodBridgeRod Posts: 211 Officer
What is the best tide to catch sand fleas?


  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,379 Moderator
    Conflicting reporst above.

    Anybody else want to weigh in?

    I have no idea. It's been years since I tried. My understanding has always been that it's a certain surf action (which I don't recall what that is) makes for good flea catchin', but I could be wrong.
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  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 8,110 Admiral
    Low , Incoming, Full or Leap Moon, Early Spring till November, Coarse Sand with no Shells.
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  • niceShootniceShoot Posts: 71 Greenhorn
    It doesn't matter in the slightest. If you have sand fleas in your area, they're there regardless of tidal conditions. If you can't find them, you're just looking in the wrong place that day. People tend to massively overcomplicate the process of finding and catching sand fleas. Sure, once you know what you're doing and have experience locating them you can find all of the tell-tale signs in the sand as the surf recedes, and with quick vision and clear water even see them scuttling around before reburying themselves. But if you don't already know what you're doing, that won't help.

    In my experience, the water temp is the primary concern followed by hardness and type of sand. If the water is too cold, you aren't likely to find fleas. Cold but not too cold, the fleas are much deeper in the sand, 2-8 inches. I would assume when they're down that far they're essentially dormant, waiting for warmer conditions. When the water's warm they're in the top 1 inch of sand filter feeding. This can be anywhere from the tideline itself to knee or waist deep water. When they're in the deeper water, they're almost always found right at the edges of structure like bars, troughs, washouts, etc. The softer the sand, the better. The quicksand-like stuff is the best. If you're finding tons of coquinas and the like, the fleas are right there somewhere, no need to walk 100yds down the beach. And by "right there" I mean within 10 or 15 feet. If you find one flea, there's plenty more. Just keep looking.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,190 Admiral
    I've always caught them on the incoming. I guess because that's when I surf fish. Usually from mid to high is prime.
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