One day in SW Fl, where to launch?

mjrudd1mjrudd1 Posts: 278 Deckhand
I'm going to have one day to fish anywhere in the Ft Myers / Naples area. A Thursday, May 22, so no weekend crowds. Sunrise 6:30ish, incoming tide till around 8 or 9 am. I want to target tarpon from my Pro Angler 12'. Suggestions, please?


  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    Only one day? Check out the local guide's in that area! Ur best bet.
  • mjrudd1mjrudd1 Posts: 278 Deckhand
    Thanks but not looking for a guide. My wife will be dropping me off at a launch site and picking me up later, after she goes sightseeing. Looking for good general tips about areas so I can book a motel nearby; ie something like "launch at the bridge between Long Key & Big Hickory Island & try the channels / beachfront".
  • nelson.1177nelson.1177 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    For tarpon you can launch from the north side of "New pass" bridge on Estero Blvd. and troll the beach side of Lover's Key. Tarpon start flooding the area in April so your timing should be good.
  • mjrudd1mjrudd1 Posts: 278 Deckhand
    Thanks for the tip. I keep looking up & down the coast on GoogleEarth and I had settled on that exact spot because of the multiple channels and undeveloped beachfront plus short distance from launch to the fishing, with Wiggins Pass being the second choice, & Keewadin third. All three allow for staying inside if the winds are not cooperative, but I prefer to sight fish along the beach. And for a bonus, Bonita Springs has some of the best hotel deals in the area = more $ for bait & tackle :fishing
    Any particular bait shops in the area you guys recommend?
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