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NBB - not picture perfect, but not bad!

jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,344 Moderator
I somehow managed to convince USNavy_angler to take me fishing with him so I could try my hand at the trout since I knew offshore would be a blowout today. We get to -undisclosed location- at 6am and launch into the dark with a drizzle blessing our way. Except that blessing turns into a curse as we get drenched in sporadic downpours over the next 3 hours. Thank you for the spare poncho Sam!

While I'm getting my bearings and fiddling with popping cork, I hear Sam say he's on the fish already. By the time I adjust my tackle, Sam's got one trout in the bag and the wind is blowing us off the spot. Top water lures and weighted jig heads with gulp were the main ticket today; I might as well have left the cork at home.

As the wind blew us from one side of the bay to the other I managed a 15-incher, trolling a topwater. We got into some fairly skinny water, but found nothing but cudas. We paddled back to the original spot and contended for fishing ground rights with two motorboats.

My last cast of the day I was about to wrap it up and I left the lure to drift for a second, then I see something inhale it: a nice 18-incher!

At least I didnt get skunked today! Of course as luck would have it by the time I am back at my car, I call Sam and he says the big trout started to turn up, so I left him there to do his thing

Turned out to be a nice day afterall!
Hobie Kayak angler for life!


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