Wiggins Pass NMZ Sleeping + Sleigh Ride

jocofijocofi Posts: 68 Deckhand
The heavily traversed channels around wiggins pass have been producing for us lately. This report covers the last two time we've been. In december we cleaned up. Well my fishing buddy cleaned up more then we did. He ended his day with a hand full of small snook, a few good sized reds, a few small trout, a bunch of ladyfish and this sizeable sleigh ride.

My wife and I found a great trout and ladyfish hole that we had great fun with. If nothing else shows up I'm ok with the fun fight of strong lady.

The recent trip we came up pretty much empty. We had a few snook on but didn't make it to the boat. The trip was primarily to show my boss and his girlfriend the wonders of our water ways.
Our recent purchase of a second tandem has been a smart purchase, now we can take out family and friends anywhere anytime. Thanks estero river outfitters.

After a nice day on the water my wife decided to take a nap and allow me the privilege of paddling her around.
i-7tgcFpq-M.jpg It's awesome to have such great partner to share the waters.
i-CkN866L-Th.jpg i-d4LXDZ9-Th.jpgi-LS8DLJK-S.jpg


  • sammy2189sammy2189 Posts: 998 Officer
    Nice report . Jacks are always fun fish to fight. Can't wait to catch one on my kayak.
    Hobie outback
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    Nice pics as usual. Bonus points for being able to take wife along for the adventure!
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    that's awesome it looks like you had an awesome time out there and yes jack are very fun to catch!
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    Thanks for reading

    Rob Valderrey
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 513 Officer
    Very good, thanks for sharing.
  • SuperJoxSuperJox Posts: 248 Officer
    What brand and model is the red kayak?
  • timmcollinstimmcollins Posts: 836 Officer
    Good for you! Family that fish's together stays together.
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  • jocofijocofi Posts: 68 Deckhand
    SuperJox wrote: »
    What brand and model is the red kayak?

    The red kayak is a native ultimate 14.5ft.
    i-CkN866L-Th.jpg i-d4LXDZ9-Th.jpgi-LS8DLJK-S.jpg
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