Just a report, something better than no reports.

SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 661 Officer
The forum is getting boring, so here's a little report from 3-15. Thought I would try for a slam Saturday, so I went to Strickland creek. Started looking for little Tarpon, but none to be found. I had one 8# with a weighted Shrimp fly, and one 8# with a brown and gold bend back, with a little orange on the throat. The West bank gave up 12 Trout and two Blue fish. Most of the trout 17 to 19", all keepers that swam free. The East bank, gave up only one Snook, a 21" fish that ate the bend back, the Trout and Blues destroyed my Shrimp fly. Could not find a Red, or Tarpon to complete the slam, but had a bent rod most of the day. water temps started at 61 degrees, and ended at 71 degrees. Nothing big, but it beats work.


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