3/16 Miami Report

Like most of my reports, short and to the point. Seas were horrible 4-7 with some ridiculous rogues...even in a 33ft HS we were still getting beat up. Spent the day kitefishing with a few additional flat lines. We would catch 2 mahi and then reset, catch another 2 and then reset...pretty much the entire day minus 1 or 2 drifts. Was another grinder but made the best of it and finished with 9 mahi. Nothing big, but plenty of food on the plate. Our last drift produced a nice sail in about 150ft around just north of Triumph that hit the flat line. Was nice to end the day with a sail knowing we already had food. Most of the mahi hits came surprisingly deeper at around 225ish. Our plan was to fish right on the reef line, but the hits werent coming so we stayed around that area mostly. Was hoping for those bigger slammers coming into the reef to feed, but still happy with the results.


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