Spearfishing reef yesterday

Went out for a late afternoon trip with a buddy of mine, I think we left around 3 or so. Got out to the spot hoping for some viz but couldn't find any so we decided to bite the bullet and anchor up on the edge in 75ft and try it anyway, it(viz) was about 20ft. Theres still that funky green water out there( went out to 320ft and there was still no blue water). Current was booking it to the east though, very strange. Anyways! we got anchored up and immediately started chumming with cut kingfish and Spanish mackerel so I stayed on the boat while keeping the slick going while my buddy jumped in. On his 2nd dive he shot a nice 12lb mutton that was off the bottom eating the chum. We found a big kingfish head in his stomach so I guess its safe to say muttons like to eat kingfish!. We stayed out till about sunset and went 1 for 4 on the muttons. Had a big shark eat the nicest of the bunch.... Lots of life out there on the reef edge if you find the right spot! saw some nice blacks cuberas and a goliath as well a bunch of yellowtails. Havent been hearing anything good offshore yet but hopefully that will change soon!


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