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AJ's on a wreck

Went out yesterday with a new great fishing buddy. Ran 30+ miles out of Marco to a wreck in about 75 feet of water. We picked up a bunch of blue runners, pinfish and greenies on the way with sabikis. Over the wreck things got off to a slow start, the bite was not on. Just before moving on to the next point, freelined baits got slammed by the local indigenous population of AJ's (lesser amberjack). We got our limit in quick order, but that's all, the bottom bite was non existent. Still the fast action was loads of fun, and the fish eat OK too, especially since they were on the smaller side for these guys. Best baits were the liveliest ones: blue runners and pinfish. When freelining a bait like that it's fun feeling when the bait gets 'nervous' and you know soon the circle hook will do it's job!

Running back in the pass at sunset- nice day!


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