Another deer season has come and gone... or so I though!

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I hunted Saturday morning and figured that was it. ML started for us yesterday, but I have to work this week and have to be out of town Fri-Sunday. Been watching this weather and it looks like Thursday is going to be real nice weather wise. Just trying to debate now as to whether I should take the whole day off and hunt AM and PM, or just sneak off early Thursday and hunt the pm.

Would like to shoot the ML just to make sure, but it was dead nutts earlier in the year. The way it's looking time-wise, I may need to just trust it and hope for the best. SHould be all right. I did have to make a little adjustment this year when I bought new powder and changed sabots (even though they are supposed to be the same).

Whatever, I'm just excited to squeeze in a bonus hunt!
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    Been Huntin up your way for 5/6 Years or so. That 2nd Rut is kinda a Hard Shine. The Survivors are for the most part Nocturnal.
    Their butts have been chased for months. They Scrape real good but it's Moon light when they play.
    But if'n you slip out midweek ...Well it beats watchin Bone Collector on TV.
    It is the Final show for ya, I'd be there..
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    We'll see. I've actually never seen much of the second rut business.... At least not where I'm headed tomorrow. I hunted there this past Sat morning looking down a long lane right off main road. Saw no deer and the40n walked that lane. Pretty much beach sand and a heavy rain had quit 24 hours earlier. I walked the 200 yard line of sight and then another hundred yards. Found only a handful of small tracks.

    I then went to other end of thin 40 acre strip and once it started getting thicker.... Which it does... I started seeing sign. I'm going to climb a tree back in there somewhere and hunt a year in / year out consistent hole in impenetrable thick stuff where they exit and make their way onto my property. Can hunt it from one tree or another with almost any wind other than W to NW. Plus longest shot is eighty yards and sometimes throughsome cover. Sounds good for ML.

    I connected with a doe on last day of season. Will see if I get d some last Saturday redemption and can bag one on last day this year. I've only killed one deer on opening day... Archery 5 years ago, am.... And last year was first on last day. Think I prefer success on last day over opener.
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    Stop thinkin' and go huntin'!
    DYING for me was the most HE could do. LIVING for HIM is the least I can do
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 7,968 Moderator
    No hunting until tomorrow afternoon. In meantime I'll think / talk about it. ;-)
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
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