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lifegoesonlifegoeson Posts: 338 Deckhand
Flyshop.com anybody used them. Don't plan on making flies anytime soon so was gonna look at picking up some. Any other sites that would be a good choice to pick up some flies.


  • lifegoesonlifegoeson Posts: 338 Deckhand
    Well I ended up getting some flies from them good service and it only took a couple days. Got a couple poppers and some small flies for bass and a couple saltwater ones. Hopefully they will hold up and catch fish as good as they look.


    Also came with a little plastic box which is gonna fit nice in my tackle bag

  • trout069trout069 Posts: 5,251 Admiral
    should be good.The Flyshop has been around forever and 1 of the top 5 in U.S.those are probaly Umpaca or Riverborn flies,so they should last.use to be on the left coast you had The Flyshop,Bob Marriotts and Kaufmanns.sadly Kaufmanns gone.
  • lifegoesonlifegoeson Posts: 338 Deckhand
    Good to know, almost all of the ones I got where on sale if they perform they will definantely get more business from me as they sent me email updates before shipping, and after that where addressed to me. Was very nice in a day of automatic emails if you get anything. Hopefully the poppers will get some use on the weekend.
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    Another one that I recently found on eBay, is Miller's, out of Texas. Their flies have worked well for me and seem to be durable enough.
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