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Striking Gold at Choko!!!!!!!

Last night I made the late decision to hit up Choko in the am, I posted up in the "Who's Fishing" section to see if anyone wanted tag along and got no replies......You guys lost out big time!!!!

I launched out of CIP at 6:50 am to an outgoing tide and stiff NE wind and headed right to a spot I dubbed "Spot Tail Cove" due to the consistent amount of redfish I find there. I paddled into STC, stuck my anchor pin in the mud and just chilled for about 10 minutes while I warmed up and ate a quick bite. The sun was just starting to peak over the mangroves as I started to make my way around the cove stalking the shallows for black dots and blue tails. About 6 minutes into the hunt I spot a big fish gingerly patrolling the outer edges of shallow mud bank and I fire off a cast about ten feet in front of her. She's slowly moving right towards my DOA shrimp and I leave it lie motionless on the bottom until she's about 2 feet away and then I just slowly raise the rod tip causing the shrimp to "pop" off the bottom and she bulldogs it....Fish on!!!!! She's pulling drag and trying to head towards open water but I put the stop to that and got her to the boat. With the fish secure and lying across my lap with her head and tail touching both sides of the kayak I finally stop shaking, there’s no better thing than stalking and sight fishing big fish in shallow water!

I know there’s more fish in STC but I decide to carry one and do a little exploring so I paddle across the river to another small cove. I post up at the entrance to the cove and the outgoing tide is pushing bait right past me and within 2 minutes here come 2 fish slowly drifting towards me in the current. I pitch my DOA shrimp just ahead of them and play out the same scenario as I did for the first fish and it worked out perfectly again. The lead fish pounced on the shrimp and I set the hook...Fish 2 on!!!! This one also pulled some drag and myself out of the cove entrance, it’s amazing how strong these upper slot reds can be.

By now the tide has started to make its way back in and the water in these secluded coves was getting dirty so I made my way to the oyster bars that line Choko bay hoping that with all the moving water the oyster bars might be clear. I was right, the water over the bars was crystal clear due to the strong incoming tide and I saw life everywhere. I made my way into a horseshoe shaped bar situated next to a deep channel and spotted a bronzed beauty lying perfectly still just inside the channel edge. I fire off a long cast and the wind catches and blows it off target but luckily the fish never even flinched. Cast number two lands one foot in front of the fish but to my surprise nothing happens...is it a fish? a log? bunched up weed? I figured I'll give it another cast anyway and fired off cast number 3, the shrimp lands right in front of the object and nothing happens again, must not be a fish....so I raise the rod tip bringing the shrimp to the surface to reel it in and the object leaps out of the water on the shrimp! This redfish’s whole head came out of the water to get this shrimp, Fish 3 on!!!!! After a brief fight redfish number 3 was lying in my lap touching both sides of my kayak, what a great fish.

At this point it’s getting late and I'm getting hungry so I start making my way back to the launch....but decide to make a quick detour to check out one last spot and I'm glad I did. As I paddled into this small shallow oyster bar cove I noticed a good size wake moving down the far bank and I moved in a little closer to investigate. As I neared the area I could see the tell-tale black spot on the tail of yet another good sized redfish moving towards me. I pitched the shrimp, wait, wait, wait, twitch, twitch, BAM! FISH 4 ON!!!!!! For a fish her size this one didn't put up much of a fight but I won't complain.

It was almost comical how similar all the fish i caught today fell victim to the same technique, I guess if it works don't fix it!

This was one of my best days of kayak fishing ever!!!!


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