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Small pond popper fishing

BookwormBookworm Posts: 23 Greenhorn
Visited a small pond yesterday not far from where I live to try for some panfish and bass with tiny poppers. I fish from a kayak and usually string up my rod before I get out on the water. Once out there I realized I had mounted the spool with a sink-tip line line rather than the spool with the floating line. I decided to try the sink-tip and see what happened. I was throwing size ten poppers toward the weedy shoreline. The popper would splash and then sit on the surface for a few seconds, before getting pulled downward by the sink-tip. A couple small bass hit the popper on the splash, then others would grab it as it sunk down below the surface. Caught nothing bigger than a couple pounds but it's lots of fun to see the strike as it happens. Shot a short video of the action: http://youtu.be/barMEvcqNZI
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