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Abel and tibor fly reels for sale-also in classified

Hy guys, I have a couple of very nice reels I don't use much anymore:

Abel Redfish pattern Super 7.
Here's an internet photo. I'll try to post actual pics later today.4878RED_reel.jpg
It has minor skuffs mostly on the bottom where you set it down.

Tibor Riptude in kind of a grey/blue. At the time it was a custom color.
Again, this is an internet image. and again, I'll try to post actual images later.

I'll take $400 each for them. And I think this is an excellent price.
I live in NSB, but work in Orlando.
Sorry, I'm not going to ship them. Just too much hassle.
I don't need to sell them and just want to buy a few new toys, so we'd have to meet somewhere.

Thanks much.
email me at [email protected]

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