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Chuck Roast, Sausage and smoked peppers

Wife just love smoked Chuck Roast

But I have a rash of Banana and Cubanelle peppers in the garden right now, so remembering Abelman smoking up some one time we ddded a little broth to the pan and tossed some section pieces in with some cut up onions.

Wrapping up the Chuck Roast

Added some grilled Brat sections to the peppers too. We had a few left over from earlier in the week.

Doesn't look too bad.

And neither did the Peppers/onions/sausage

Place over a bed of rice with some steamed Kale. Excellent.

Chuck was not my best. With 7 different types, I ended up with one that pulled partial. Some real well, some hardly at all. At any rate it still tasted great and will go well with the half of sweet onion I smoked also.

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