Late report from Sunday

So Sunday was absolutely flat and amazing. We ran way out and got in to them. First fish was a RG on a vertical jig. Then we got to the AJ spot and got some good ones and lost some bigguns.


  • ollemarollemar Posts: 34 Deckhand
    how far out, if you don't mind sharing ? we went also and it sure was beautiful out there.
  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,168 Officer
    WOW......what an AJ!!! I'd say when he hit that jig it about ripped the rod out of your hand. Here's hoping we have some of that flat calm water this summer......for a change. Looks great out there for y'all! Doesn't look too cold either.

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  • BigTimeBigTime Posts: 608 Officer
    Nice catch

  • Red FishRed Fish Posts: 1,163 Officer
    I definitely made the wrong decision to fish inshore last week.
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  • 85okhai85okhai Posts: 246 Officer
    thats a stud aj! what size yeti is that? 160? no better feeling than a big aj slamming your jig being ripped through the water
  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,726 Captain
    Good catch!! :fishing
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  • crcattypccrcattypc Posts: 632 Officer
    it was in the 30 mile range... and that is either a 140 or 160 yeti...
  • 85okhai85okhai Posts: 246 Officer
    Yea if that aj didn't fit in that cooler that really is a stud
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,146 Admiral
    Oh my back! :grin

    Nice job!
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