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Hemi45Hemi45 Posts: 77 Deckhand
Years ago, when I lived on South Beach I would literally walk across the street, into the surf and start casting. I had mixed success but a lot of fun. Then I got spoiled by a having a buddy with a boat in the Keys. After taking a few years off from fishing altogether I'm back on foot.

Is there a better way to approach it than simply plying the shoreline at dusk and dawn? I'm not a big fan of the mayhem that accompanies piers and jetties. I'm thinking about getting a canoe or a kayak but in the meantime...


  • boatdrinksboatdrinks Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    I'd be curious to hear this as well. I've caught nice jacks off the beach in north beach but I've read that fishing off the beach is actually not allowed?
  • Hemi45Hemi45 Posts: 77 Deckhand
    Wow, good to know someone is actually reading this post! Tough crowd to pull answers from around here ... all of Miami can't possibly be a honey hole - lol! When I used to fish the beach the rule, at least the unwritten one, was have at it when the life guards weren't on duty.
  • boatdrinksboatdrinks Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    yeah that's what I've done in the past but it was only a few times. Judging by a few anecdotal reports and videos I've seen it looks like there's some decent fish cruising the trough just off the beach
  • Spotsgonefishn'Spotsgonefishn' Posts: 225 Officer
    Hemi45 wrote: »
    Tough crowd to pull answers from around here … all of Miami can't possibly be a honey hole

    Not so much a tough crowd as there are not to many spots to saltwater fish by foot in Miami other than the beach, jetties and piers. Most of the bridges have "No Fishing" signs posted and although many still fish them they probably won't be quick to post about it here. A canoe/kayak would open worlds of new grounds to fish from Biscayne Bay, to Flamingo and all the saltwater canals in-between. I have fished a lot from a canoe in South Dade and have had luck from Mathenson Hammock south to Homestead plus Flamingo rocks from a paddle craft.
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