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Dr. Pepper Braised short ribs

Haven't made them in so long so I did this weekend

Easy to do and out of this world

Short ribs (depends on people serving)
Dr. Pepper, a can to a 20oz bottle
Beef stock
Bay leaf
Celery, carrot, Onions, chopped in big pieces
Adobe in a can or soy or teryiaki sauce (your choice, I like soy and teryiaki)

First brown the short ribs on all sides with some oil in large pot, remove
Add vegetables for just a couple minutes
Return ribs to pot
Add Dr. P and stock until the liquid is not quite covering the ribs
Add bay leaves, thyme, "sauce", and cover.
Place in 350 oven for 3-4 hours. Season with S&P

Make a gravy with runnings, mash some potatoes, and cut a good bread.

I dont use measurements, just kind of wing it
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