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gnocci/oyster stew

mixed some leftovers last year and liked it, so this afternoon i came up with this concoction.
oyster/gnocci stew--cook a quart of oysters(save the juice)and one bunch of green onions with the green part, in 6tbs butter till they curl, at the same time heat 3 cups milk and the juice from the oysters in another pan(don't let it boil) when the oysters are curling, add the milk mix. add as many gnocci as you have oysters(store bought or home made) add salt, pepper and 3-4 dashes of tabasco, simmer for 10 min. i love it, but then, i love oysters just about any way you can fix em. you guys in the coastal bend area have some of the best oysters on earth, so you'll prolly like this!
le se' bon ton roulet
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