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How high should I mount my engine on the jack plate? 1720

kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,237 Captain
Hey all... I just bought a Bob's jack plate with 6" setback for my 99' 1720. Running a 135 Optimax.
I see on the plate it looks like on the lowest setting it's going to raise the motor up 2.5" over where it would be on the transom. I imagine this is due to the 6" setback it will be in cleaner water so it can be higher already? Well at the moment my motor is one hole up from the lowest setting, which I believe to be too low.. I can't get the prop to blow out on plane no matter what I do with the trim. So my plan before I got the plate was to raise the motor up one or maybe two holes and see what happens. Do you think I should mount the motor on the jack plate at the same mounting hole it's on now, or raise it up one/two holes like I had planned on?


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  • Egreen cobraEgreen cobra Posts: 230 Deckhand
    I use that plate on a Cobia with a 200 yam. (25inch transom and engine)

    It's mounted on the 2nd from the top hole on the motor bracket.
    The cav plate is even to slightly below the transom (well it would be Cobia has a slight step or cutout to provide water to the motor). When the plate is all the way down. (roughly 2 inches higher than without the plate).

    Not sure it that helps you?
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