New Guy Intro

Been reading the boards for a few days and figured I ought to say howdy to ALL. Real name is Dave and I live in T'ville. Born and raised in FLA but took a 21 year break to serve in the worlds most Powerful Navy and am now retired. Most of my fishing growing up was on the St Johns from Mullet Lake to Lemon Bluff and all the lakes and ponds I could get too around Lake County. Did a lot of shrimping out of Oak Hill growing up too. Living in T'ville is perfect for me with quick access to the IRL and ML and 20 Minutes to the Mullet Lake Ramp. My first big Red did it for me in 2007 and have spent a ton of hours on the N IRL honing the skills. Have done very well on the little piece of the IRL that I frequent and an added surprise (since the later part of 2013) is the Snook put in the boat in the same locations.

If anyone frequents the same areas, I was until a few months ago, running a Bass Tracker refinished in Orange and Blue that you might have seen around. Now on my new Spyder FX19, Black, Twin Talons with Merc Power
(4 Stroke - 150) and diggin' it. I try to fish Mon-Fri only and stay off the water on the weekends, except for Local Red Fish and Bass Tournies.

btw, hitting the St Johns today with this weather. Looking for the Large Mouth and Sunshine Stripers to pick up any day now and like catching American Shad until they show up.
When Practice meets opportunity, Set-The-Hook!


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