Small Chub Block

OK, you might think I'm crazy but I want a small block of chub.

Here's why, going out for bait or a quick stop on the reef I don't use an entire block. Most times I even run a bag with big wholes. I'm not a tournament guy trying to black out my livewell with bait or an overstuff my cooler with fish guy so I fish just for what I need and many times I am successful at getting what I need well before my chum is gone. I hate to waste the unused chum but I am not going through the mess of trying to refreeze it so if I could find a box of chum, maybe half the size of the standard box that would suit me fine for some of my shorter trips.

Any suggestions?


  • TeamTekeTeamTeke Posts: 965 Officer
    All chum blocks I have seen are either the standard 7# or the commercial 25#. Here's what I do. I will take a 7# block of double ground and cut it into three pieces for my pinfish traps. I use a circular saw and cut as deep as it will go and then snap it over a hard edge like concrete. You could also use cans of cat food or the cheap cans of jack mackerel for attracting bait.
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,156 AG
    Yep, you'll have to make your own....

    Go see what saws you have that might make fast work of cutting them, or head for the hardware store to buy one. I have unwrapped a block, let is sit out for 10 minutes or so to gently let the outside soften, then start cutting. I also have used my trusty Boy Scout hand axe and a hammer to break them into smaller sections. No matter the method, it's going to be a bit messy.

    Place the small sections into plastic garbage bags, then tightly seal them into freezer zip-locs to keep frozen until you are ready to use. To skip the plastic bag first invites the good chance that a sharp bone will poke a hole into the zip-loc......... or, you can do it the other way around.
  • Angler_2600Angler_2600 Posts: 1,104 Officer
    Jig saw works just have a blade just for that. Or you can use a Cheap Meat Cleaver and a hammer which works just as good for me.
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