1/28 ML/ IRL

Got a late start and put in before noon in a new to me spot on the IRL, having become recently disillusioned with my old spot in the 'Goon. I haden't fished much over the holidays, and felt I had lost touch with the stomping grounds and my quarry.

Well, new spot had fish but they weren't hungry for live shrimp or artificials. Picked up around 3 and decided to give old spot a try. But that was after I had dumped the shrimp. Put in old spot about 330. The fish were there, but their appetite for artificials wasn't. What're ya gonna do? We worked hard to no avail. On the way back, we began to hear angels singing when we looked up to see a large area of aggressively feeding fish with tails waving in the air bigger than my hand. Hallelujah! They were everywhere, surrounding the canoe and 20 yds away. Not easily spooked and drumming up a storm.

I hooked into the first one and fought him while trying to keep my buddy in position to connect. After several missed we abandoned that idea to focus soley on boating this one. It was not likely we would lose this school soon.
After a 10 minute battle, in comes drum #1. I estimate it at 25#. You be the judge.

Back to the school wreaking havoc on the flat. In short order, my buddy hooks up. I'm completely impressed with how much pressure he's putting on this fish with ML tackle and 17# leader, but he's whoopin it. I'd say less than 10 min this fish is boatside and may be slightly bigger than the first but we'll never know for sure because it comes unbuttoned before I can get a grip on it.
greggl wrote: »
Strive for self-sacrificial levels of empathy and sympathy. We are only set free by becoming the scapegoat, or sin eater', rather than picking a target and 'throwing stones.'
nuevowavo wrote:
Think you're pretty clever? Think again. Time for a break.


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