A little slow for me offshore yesterday, 28 Jan

Had Easy Rider out hoping for BIG things yesterday. Might have been just a little too nice out there.

Looked offshore as deep as 550' without anything to show for it, so I headed back in to see what was happening on the reef. Guys down West started off strong first thing with the Wahoo, but as more boats showed up the bite turned down, so I was glad that I went East.... at least till I got East of Pelican.

Marked some fish and got anchored up....could see the bottom in 70'. Never had the first yellowtail come up. Speedos did, so out came the sabiki and we loaded the well up and headed back offshore.

I worked in/around the Wilkes hoping for a Wahoo, but only caught Cudas when I got too near the wreck. Slow trolled the Speedos from the Wilkes to Maryland Shoal and on to Pelican looking for a Sail or wayward Wahoo. just caught Kings.

Yes, we caught some fish but I was hoping it would be an epic day filled with Wahoo and other Pelagics with the weather being as nice as it was.

Oh well.... Now I can just look forward to the next trip! :beer

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