Fog-ventful Birthday at the South end of ML

Took my birthday off to go fishing. Left Orlando at 430am. I don't ever remember seeing the fog so thick in the city so I knew going across Hwy 50 that the visibility would be about 10 feet in front of my SUV. I also don't ever remember the fog evering being insanely thick on the water. Headed out of Haulover going south into the lagoon. You could see about 20 yards in front and behind the boat. Otherwise it was total fog all around. I idled south (afraid of running on plane - didn't want to hit a crab trap or another boat!) until the wall of fog simply broke open. The first pic is the amazing skyline after breaking through the fog. Ended up catching 4 slot reds, losing a big red (he wrapped himself up rolling in the line and it broke), and catching 2 big trout. The one pictured weighed a tad over 4.5lb's according to the boga. It felt bigger than that. I blame it on a old, cranky boga! Fished East of whale tail....polled down the shorline north towards/past what I call the white telescope building. Saw a ton of very large mullet, lots of reds, and lots of big big trout. All the big trout were laid up in sand holes in a foot or less. I had a very slight wind and the sun behind me all day but still managed to spook more fish than I got to throw at. I was polling, barefoot, and not making any noise at all. The only noise was the pole digging into the sand as I pushed. I was simply amazed at how many fish I spooked. As with every trip, I managed to land my jig or cut mullet on the back of a couple fish. That didn't help. Anyway, an beautiful day on the water. Can't wait to head out again soon.......All fish released to be caught another day.


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