Sebastian Offshore Yesterday

It was a nice day to be out. Fished 130' (just for fun - cause you can't keep squat :banghead) with frozen cigar's, and did pretty good. 9 genuine's, 1 gag, and got broke of a few time's. Ran into 90' to try and get some trigger's on squid with no luck. Switched to shrimp, and 2 more genuine's, along with lot's of endangered seabass. Last spot 70' - managed to pull up a few keeper trigger's, and bluefish. Trolled west for about 5 mile's, and got a keeper king too.
Should have brought some tank's with us - It was nice.
Saw alot of turtle's, but no cobia on em. They will be here soon. Be safe out their.:USA


  • StringpluckerStringplucker Posts: 64 Greenhorn
    Sounds like nice day, plenty of action. Did you see any bait pod's?
  • AOKRVsAOKRVs Posts: 1,893 Captain
    Sounds like a good day on the water
    can't wait to get back out

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  • catchme1catchme1 Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Glad to hear fish being caught. Did you have much company yesterday hardly anyone out around pelican flats fishing. Was beautiful day out their yesterday. Those trigger are pretty good eats had one tonight.
  • reellyfunreellyfun Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Sounds like a great day
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