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Just wondering what color and size some of you guys feel are most productive for the kings and other species here in S Fl. and if you guys put a light trace or just use Mono.


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    Just mono or fluro. I know that Wellcraft on here owns Victory lures & gets a lot of positive feedback on forums & FB. I've never used his jigs but will soon enough. I personally use Diamond jigs in 2 & 4oz sizes. I've caught nearly everything on them. Use can swap the treble on the bottom out for an assist hook on the top.
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    I second Victory Lures. They are a local vertical jig company, and from what I've seen on social media, they have had positive results.
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    Victory Lures.
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    x4 on Victory Lures

    Victory is a great company, Jesse (owner) or "Wellcraft" here on the forums makes great jigs that won't break the bank! My favorite from him is the Blue Dart in 5oz and the Green Terror in 3.5oz oh, and I can't forget the Pink Terror! The Almacos/AJ's love those things!

    I also stock up when the sales get going over at I've bought a few of the bomber jigs (vamps and darts) for $1.99 to $3.99 a jig and $20+ is free shipping. Just peruse the site and find when the sales are going off, they even sell the diamond jigs as well as the williamson series for half the price of BPS or other big box stores.

    I LOVE to vertical jig and the biggest issue is well....losing jigs. Thus, I can't stand to spend $12 on a williamson if I'm going to get angry for losing 2-3 jigs due to cut offs on a happens more than you think TRUST ME!

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    Thanks guys fro the replies I have had success with the williamsons but was looking for a cheaper cut off, Victory seems the best bet
    Thank you Steve
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    Definetly go for victory lures! They are very good quality and are much much less than all the other companies. Work great for tuna, kingfish and bottom species! I use them all the time!
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    Wow guys thanks so much for the support! Glad to hear of so many happy customers and I do love seeing all the pics!

    Here is some info from a weekend tip I posted on the forum a while back ;)

    So many colors to chose from yet not enough fishing days in the year to cover them all! Many a times I get asked what is the best color for my area? Well there really is no 100% sure fire way to answer this simply because fish can be hot for pink today and tomorrow they want green and the next blue! Heck this happens a lot from morning to afternoon to evening on the same day! Fish can change their mind like a woman LOL but i kid. What I personally do is start off with a light color in the morning and afternoon and switch to a more reflective color by evening. This is of course if we have been catching fish all day long. When it is slow If I am marking fish and not getting hits I will switch colors every 4 drops until I find what the fish want! I personally start off my day with the green terror and or pink thunder colors seen below. If more than one of you is jigging on the boat then have everyone run a different color to start and find out what color is getting the most attention then everyone match that color scheme until the fish get smart to it and you have to switch. A lot of times my day will go like this, morning green, afternoon pink followed by evening silver/blue combo.

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    Victory Lures all the way!!!!!!!!
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    NVMata wrote: »
    Victory Lures all the way!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the support NVMata
    Keep them lines tight!

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