Anyone ever tried it or heard any stories? Plus a quick report

I was driving my flats boat under NASA causeway yesterday and a sensor went out in my motor putting it into a 1.5 mph limp mode so I had a lot of time to ponder. Has anyone ever shrimped NASA causeway? Anyone ever heard stories or legends of shrimping there? It is a thought that has struck my mind many times. There is nice grass and sand flats on every bank nearby so I don't see why not. I don't know. so I'm asking you all.

And went to the RRB Thursday night from 9-1 with a stiff 10mph NNW wind and only produced 21 shrimp.


  • bad girlbad girl Posts: 32 Greenhorn
    The same tought has ocurred to me as well working were I do I have the oportunity to look now and again have not seen many shrimp, but that does not mean that they are not there. Bad part is you have to do it from a boat and it can be an adventorouds trip to get there depending on the weather I will do some more investigating if possible and let us all know what the possibilirties aree..
  • Fly HookerFly Hooker Posts: 4,199 Captain
    I know Black Drum live aroung that bridge, not sure about the shrimp.
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