Fishing Key Colony Beach in mid March

Hey guys (and gals). My crew (three familes with 10 kids under 16) will be coming down the second week of March for the kids' Spring break. I am really hoping we get lucky with the wind. I know a little about fishing on the Atlantic side, but next to nothing on the Gulf side (aside from lobstering). If the winds lay down I'm going to try and get offshore and troll for whatever happens to be swimming that day (mahi, sails, wahoo). I'll be buying some ballyhoo, but would also like to try and catch some live ones. Is one patch reef in the area better than others for anchoring up and chumming them to the boat? If it's too windy off shore we'll just take a run at yellow tails and grouper inside the reef.

If its really blowing we'll have to go gulf side. I have a 22 foot Grady White so true flats fishing is probably off the table. Any suggestions for keeping the kids busy catching (anything) in 3+ feet of water?

We will also have our 13 foot Whaler for the older kids to run around in (all have their boaters licenses and years of experience running it). It can obviously go very shallow. Is there an area they can fish and just get away from the little brothers and sisters?

I may also be able to talk a couple of the adults into hiring a guide for a day. Any recommendations for a guide?


  • gerrysgerrys Posts: 738 Officer
    Bamboo Banks, Sprigger Bank, Tripod Bank all good for snapper and other stuff. Same style fishing as on the coral heads on the ocean side except you're fishing primarily over grass.

    Find some holes in the limestone bottom and you're talking about grouper.
  • PerchguyPerchguy Posts: 166 Deckhand
    Another spot that is closer if it is too bumpy to get to Bamboo, Tripod or Sprigger is a spot called the Steel Pile. I have fished it a few times with my kids when we have been to KCB and had a good time. The kids had a fun time catching Nurse sharks there along with a misc assortment of other fish. If memory serves me right, it is about 3 miles North and a little West from Vaca Cut. It is listed on a Top Spot Chart. Last time there 2 years ago, my 12 yo caught (and released) a Nurse shark around 8 feet long. Had a great time with that one!
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    bmboo=good hit the reef on ocean side.
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  • G8RDaveG8RDave Posts: 46 Deckhand
    I'm also thinking about getting a guide early in the trip to show us the ropes and then striking out on our own later in the trip. What is the general opinion of SeaSquared and Capt. Chris Johnson?
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