Marine Max in Cocoa Beach

Anyone ever deal with these guys? I need to vent, ive never dealt with such incompetence.


  • bay20bay20 Posts: 1,490 Officer
    No never have but before you vent be forewarned someone's feelings are going to get butt hurt happens every time. I personally have no problem seeing someone get called out as long as it is justified.
  • Paragon1Paragon1 Posts: 509 Officer
    I could care less if someone get's thier feelings hurt. Since when does it take 8 weeks to service/replace thru hulls on a boat, AFTER they failed to fix the problem the first time they had it for 7 weeks??!! YGBFSM!!!!!!
  • HighSpeedPursuitHighSpeedPursuit Posts: 176 Deckhand
    I agree...and would vent as well.
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