Indian river trout

Caught in the Indian river today used DOA shrimp in clear and silver speckled as well as mirror lure 3" swimming shad had to of caught around 200 trout kept 4 between 2 people but caught probably 20 keepers and 1 15" sheephead


  • Panfishangler1Panfishangler1 Posts: 885 Officer
    Nice ! Were you in deep water?
  • Kev807Kev807 Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    Yes close to the channel approximately 6-8ft
  • Gooner PyleGooner Pyle Posts: 188 Officer
    wow! Sounds like an amazing day! Only 2 anglers on the boat?
  • flightcontrollerflightcontroller Posts: 58 Deckhand
    What part of the river were you in? We fished the very north end of the IRL on Sunday and they were few and far between... The grass has been wiped out up there.... :(
  • Kev807Kev807 Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    Yes 2 anglers, we were south of peacocks pocket and over by the power plant. Trout in both areas, we would throw the DOA and let it sink didn't have to reel or put any action on the lure at all within seconds a trout would be on
  • Kev807Kev807 Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    And they weren't all dinks caught plenty of keepers
  • Kev807Kev807 Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    Also got blue fish weak fish and the occasional whiting never caught whiting on a lure
  • on_the_rockson_the_rocks Posts: 7,907 Admiral
    Wow... A good day.
    Schoolies need love too!:banana
  • AOKRVsAOKRVs Posts: 1,893 Captain
    Awesome day - whiting on a lure that don't happen everyday

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