Is this a snake head ?

Caught in at oleta state park in Miami


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    Lizard fish. super white meat and great for tipping bucktails.
  • Steve_raleighSteve_raleigh Posts: 180 Deckhand
    Thanks splitshot
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    Catch them all the time in Biscayne Bay are they good bait? And for what?
  • Poseidon10/31Poseidon10/31 Posts: 936 Officer
    closcab wrote: »
    Catch them all the time in Biscayne Bay are they good bait? And for what?

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    In the heat of summer I've used live lizards to catch big tarpon (but that time of year the fish are so hungry they'll eat fresh cut pieces of jack crevalle...). I've also cut up more than one big trout and found a whole big lizard fish in it's stomach.... Mostly, though, in the 'Glades I take a lizard fish as an indicator that I'm fishing in the wrong place (specifically that the water is too cold...).
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    I posted a thread on my first lizardfish a few weeks ago. Thats a fuggly lizardfish. Not just a regular one, but a fuggly one.
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    Lizard fish make great fresh cut bottom bait as well, snapper/grunt etc.

    Whenever I catch them, it's usually on the vertical jig while fishing for snapper. Also, it is typically a sign that I'm far to shallow.

    Funny story....Lizard fish have a ridiculous appetite, if you ever cut one up you'll know. In fact we've caught the same one on a drift 3 times! Finally, he became bait! Anyway, I was trolling a smallish goggle eye (5-6 inces) behind my kayak as I always do, and it was getting late in the day so I decided to head in. When I got close to the beach, there was about a 10 inch lizardfish with the gog stuck in his throat. He was so small, that he didn't peel any drag and I just continued to troll him. Literally, the gog was nearly half his size.
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  • closcabcloscab Posts: 122 Officer
    Live or cut?
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