165 Quart Ultracool Cooler - $150

I have put a full deer (gutted) in this cooler.....would fit 2 FL does easily, I even put a 160 pound 125" 10 point in this cooler in tact (obviously gutted).


165 quart Ultracool cooler for sale for $150. This cooler is used and was used as a boat cooler/fishbox and I use it hunting and can put a whole deer hog in the cooler (prior to quartering). Interior dimensions are 34.5" wide x 16.5" deep x 17" tall. It is missing one of the plugs. Keeps ice great and is a good, heavy duty cooler.

Ultracool was the predecessor to Engel. The Ultracool isn't finished as nicely as the Engel or Yeti, but holds ice for days.

Call Joe at 772.519.3978 for more info.


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