winter time peacock

winter has been gracious to us once again here in south florida except for a couple nasty cold fronts these past 2 weeks, forgive me if I repost any old photos in this report I cannot remember which ones I have and haven't posted, Ive got so many peacock photos stored on my computer haha :grin shortly before Christmas I had the opportunity one afternoon to pass by my favorite peacock hole and in a short time it produced this nice 5lb fattie! best part was it came on an artificial.

during most of December I hardly had time to fish due to lots of Christmas shopping and working so many days a week so I can afford gifts for everyone lol, on Christmas eve I managed to get out and I fished a familiar spot armed with my fly rod and got exactly what I came for, a 3lb peacock was chilling by this pipe and the second my fly hit the water he went bonkers for it, he had a pretty good sized hump on him considering it was very late in the spawn season.

after this quick photo she was released, walked a little further and saw about 5 more peacock all by this huge pipe, best part was they all seemed to be 5lbs or larger, threw in my fly and almost immediately big momma came and attacked it :grin after a grueling 2 min struggle I landed this gorgeous and very fat 6lb peacock.

after that the fun got even better as I caught 2 more hefty peacock each weighed 4lbs

it was the perfect way to end 2013, Santa was good to me this year and I got a $100 gift card for basspro which is plenty enough for me, hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year by the way, last week I went out for peacock at the gold mine and it produced nicely, while none this time were over 3lbs I got my first several peacock of the new year along with some LMB in the mix, I hope to continue that once this cold front passes through for good, last night I spent my time tying up some nice little minnow flies that I cannot wait to use for the peacock out there

thanks for reading this report and tight lines everyone!!!
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  • GotBass?GotBass? Posts: 202 Deckhand
    Nice Catches. Catching Peacocks on fly is on my bucket list..
  • fishmounterfishmounter JaxPosts: 479 Deckhand
    Beautiful P's! Would love to catch a few... Gotta make a trip down.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,757 Moderator
    Pea's on the fly ! Sweet.
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  • kahmadkahmad Posts: 235 Officer
    Very well done and those are some nice looking flies. I like to tie mine a bit bigger with some green and orange to look like a little peacock as I've noticed the big peas love to chow down on the smaller ones.
  • BallaCoiPersiciBallaCoiPersici NW Italy (Laveno Mombello)Posts: 4,515 Captain
    Good catches, very nice colours this fishes.

    P.S. Are you italian (your Juventus avatar is the first italian thing I found in this Forum :grin) ?
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  • PeacockFeverPeacockFever Posts: 227 Officer
    Ballak wrote: »
    Good catches, very nice colours this fishes.

    P.S. Are you italian (your Juventus avatar is the first italian thing I found in this Forum :grin) ?
    lol I am Cuban and Italian and love to watch football (soccer) yes Im a big Juventus fan
    There's no such thing as too much bait!
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